Pine Street Sprout

by Alec Arnold

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This is a re-release from 2006. Originally recorded and mixed by Nick Cox of Ramshackled Records. Some changes were made for this issue to track arrangement and selection.


released March 1, 2006

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Nick Cox (Ramshackled Records, Rolla, MO).

All songs written by Alec Arnold.

Pine Street Sprout was performed by:
Jason Adams (elec guitar, mandicello)
Alec Arnold (vocal, ac/elec guitars, harmonica, banjo)
Debbie Cox (piano, BGV, vibraphone, organ, claps) Teddy Cox (trombone)
John Haas (BGV, bass guitar, percussion, ac/elec guitar)
Richie Key (drums, percussion, bass)
Ryan Ray (drums, percussion)
Jimmy Southards (elec guitar)
Stephanie Stoner (cabasa)
Lonnie Tyler (drums)

Pine Street Sprout was coproduced by: Megan Davault, Stefanie Lewis, James Dymott (what a caterpillar), Stephanie Stoner, Debbie Cox, Brianna Murphy, Drew Hagni, Tim Smith, Tim Smith JR, Zak Waldron for his awful handwriting, Mollie Saults, THE NEILL, Gary Freakin Weidemann, Josh Sealock.

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Alec Arnold Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: 9th & Oak
Nobody here has any time to kill, they just tease it and they torture it till they get their fill, and then push their trucks back home. We’re out here at 9th and Oak, waitin for the moon to come and soak our souls. We all feel Fall start tumblin in, we head to Ber Juan and feel like a kid again.

It made the front page, we got a new stretch of road. They say its more efficient, but it ain’t got no soul. I like it better winding long and slow. We’re out here making moon halos, take a deep breath and let time explode.

Something’s changed and I know that this time it’s me. Sometimes when you pray for rain, God decides to put you to sea. I always thought I’d leave, but now I’m learning how to stay. I never thought I’d be alone, but now I like the company.

All the prophets here don’t even bother to preach, they just slap a clever message on a dirty marquee: “If you think it’s hot here, better wait for hell!” We’re out here with our fists in the air, it won’t make a difference but we really don’t care. When he sang a dirge we went and cried at the sound, when he played the flute we went and danced through the town.
Track Name: Pockets Full of Gold
Roy Orbison is singing on the radio. There ain’t a thing that I can do to keep that “Sweet Dream Baby” from taking over me and I want to wear sunglasses too.

Loneliness will turn your eyes straight up to heaven, and staring up at the stars, honey, I can see: How completely we are surrounded by arms wider than the woman with the gentlest touch that I’m laying here missing tonight.

And I know, I know, I know, I had a pocket full of gold. And I know I know I know, that I shot it full of holes.

So you fold the umbrella and you shake off the rain. And you open the door to find the weather is just the same. It’s the power found in joy, it’s the power found in pain. And a dance in the summer doesn’t last but a moment, as the winter wind freezes your shoes.

And I know, I know, I know, I had a pocket full of gold. And I know I know I know, that I shot it full of holes. But there’s an angel in the snow, she’s singing, “Trust me with your treasure, nothing lasts forever. Trust me with your treasure, nothing lasts forever down there.”

From this Pine Street window I hear that train, and the whistle blows like a voice from long ago. And then the stars came out with a jealous shout saying, “Ain’t you gonna look at me?” But that angel song is calling out my name: “Nothing lasts forever.”

Roy Orbison is singing on the radio.
Track Name: Photo Frame
Waiting on my laundry, down in Haas’ filthy basement. I know things have changed, but I still wear the same clothes. This time, how’s it gonna be any different? I think I’ll still annoy you to tears with my moods, with my moods.

Behind that yellow door, I hope you’re ugly and fat. Behind that yellow door, I hope you’re ugly and fat. But now I’m standing here in room 224, and baby, you don’t look nothing like that, nothing like that.

Photo frame, calling my name, noone ever wants to get old. Mirror gaze, stare at your face, give up all the things that I know.

“Magnolia at Midnight,” Are you coming back home? Because I’ve become quite certain I can live alone. But baby, I cannot do it alone. So tell me if you’re coming back home, coming back home.
Track Name: Lanning Bridge
Down at Lanning Bridge, there’s some train tracks below. And if you time it right, you can push off your troubles in a box car, and send them away.

I wish you were here, to see this view, to feel this free, to feel this new: Down at Lanning Bridge.

I wish we’d been friends, when you were eight years old. I’d have held you up, when you couldn’t reach the phone.

And I know its strange, but I wish I’d been your ma. I’d have held you close, so you’d know it ain’t your fault.

All the words you’ve missed, just like a father’s kiss: Down at Lanning Bridge.
Track Name: Daddy's Farm
Meghan’s growing fast she needs a new pair of shoes. Bonnie can’t afford them so she’s singing the blues. Nick just got promoted but he ain’t heard the news. On my daddy’s farm.

Brent spent all his money on a young lady. But love becomes an ashtray if it can’t burn free. So now he pours his heart into the ACP. On my daddy’s farm.

Slow down children, it’s okay. Slow down children, it’s alright, it’s okay, I said everything will be alright.

James became an engineer then hung up his hat. The things the mind will treasure tend to hold the heart back. He can show you love if you don’t know where it’s at. On my daddy’s farm.

Lauren worked for nothing as a Denver nurse. Just a sip of water cannot quench the thirst. Now she’s moving home she’s gonna break that curse. On my daddy’s farm.

Ben and Kelley gave each other bands of gold. Now they’ll be together as they both grow old. Nothing breaks the power of when hearts unfold. On my daddy’s farm.

Brittany paid the price for all the lessons I learned. Heaven’s got a crown for all the patience she earned. Only time will tell if there’s a new leaf to turn. On my daddy’s farm.
Track Name: Good Luck Machine
In a heartbeat, you let your faith fall to the ground. I saw it happen. Hard times, you told me Jesus let you down. God ain’t the one making promises that he can’t keep, ‘cause He’d much rather be a friend and father
than a good luck machine.

Little brother, I know you heard what Jesus did, and why He done it. But God’s Son don’t want you just to cash His check. I ain’t preachin fire and brimstone we’re just talking at Denny’s. All I’m trying to say is your heart won’t get healed by a system.

I know. You’ve been left out, you’ve been let down so much you doubt that it would last for a lifetime if He turned you around.

Everybody’s worshipping something even if it’s the TV. I don’t know why you doubt if He’s real since you already blame Him for everything that’s gone wrong in your life. So you break down on your front porch and you’re soaking up moonshine every time you get down.
Track Name: New Shoes
It doesn’t take too long to settle on enough to get by and stare at your shoes and wait for God to give you a sign. I’ve seen the dead man’s hand enough to know that it ain’t true: that life ain’t just luck and just cause its tough you can’t deny how you feel. But how do you feel?

It doesn’t take too long to learn the tune to Solomon’s Song, but I broke my teeth when I chewed on the words. Yes, I believe in you, but I ain’t sure this thing will survive with you on the moon, and my head in a rhyme.

Independence never leaves the way it came. Every heart just wants to burst into flame.

The sun finally turned its face and I’m staring at the Fourth of July explode into space. I hoped our freedom would ring. I drove out to one-lane-bridge, and thought about the passage of time, and laughed at my shoes, because they still look so new.

But all at once I’m back there, the cemetery moon in your eyes. We’re dancing too slow, I never felt more alive. And all at once its clear, that I ain’t made for just good enough. I still want your love, but I won’t pay the cost.
Track Name: The Rise and Fall of All the Other Kids Just Like Me
I was born on an assembly line down in Mexico. With a bright shiny face and some cheaply made parts. And then you branded my eyes with a big dollar sign and now every time I see a beautiful thing, I hear a cash register ring, and all your other kids are just like me.

I was raised by your televised lives out in Hollywood. With their bright shiny faces and lust in their hearts. Your 24 hour news made me numb to the truth and now every time I see someone in pain I’m waiting for the commercial break, and all your other kids are just like me.

Hey corporate moms and dads aren’t you proud of how your kids have grown? We’ll murder the rainbows just to get to their gold. We ain’t gonna live too long when we harvest all the seeds you’ve sown. I ain’t placing blame ‘cause we all do as we’re told.

I wanna die like an executive chief in a scandal. I’ll swear I had no idea about the sins of the beast. That little slap on my wrist just put more cash in my fist and I’ll take my story to every media man and milk it for all that I can, and all your other kids are just like me.
Track Name: Frisco Train
Frisco Train trapped in a cage. Who tricked you to leave the places you used to play? You should be carrying me. Leave behind nothing but this and a trail of steam.

Compass? We don’t have a need. Just one direction and just one slow steady speed. Over the mountains and plains. I’ll fall asleep to the lullaby of your pace.

Oh, there’ll be no stopping here. Oh, the tracks are clear.

Only three dollars and change. Who could want more than the riches aboard this train? Someday when land meets the sea, we’ll taste the salt in the air and then head back east.

Coal for you, wine for me. Who believes in destiny? You and me, and Woody Guthrie. Chase the moon, and chase all our dreams.
Track Name: Leaving New Orleans
For 24 years, I broke my body working the line. We ain’t got much but we got nothing to prove. My baby don’t frown, and the kids don’t ever go without food. It all works out if you just give it time.

My littlest one, come running home from Sunday School, wondering if I’d heard about the ark and the flood. Now I’ve got the faith, but this time I was watching the news, praying that rainbow hadn’t changed its mind.

We ain’t got time to pack our things. I’m sorry baby. Just take my hand, and we’ll leave New Orleans.

Lined up in twos. Staring at the southbound lanes. Thinking that road ain’t ever gonna be the same. I’ve got the blues, but the radio won’t play us a song. WOZ ain’t got nothing but fuzz.

Did he drag his feet, when God told him to go build a boat? ‘Cause I swear to God I never wanted to leave. We hung my guitar in the branches of a poplar tree. You can’t sing a song when you can’t find a note.

We ain’t got time to pack our things. I’m sorry baby. Just take my hand, and we’ll leave New Orleans. We’ll wait for that dove in Colorado. We got this love, and its as strong as wind and rain.
Track Name: Hard Water
The first sip of coffee and the last sip of beer. Even the strong man wants to be stronger. We all smoke our pipes and talk without fear. Of the ways of the world and the days just get longer.

A cloud of frustration never rains when it forms. Like a man without arms and you try not to stare. It's like God's in the attic and you're under the floor. A house full of cats blocking the stairs.

Oh watch a baby learn to stand. No please don't try to hold my hands.

A sailor don't sing for the days it’s been calm. He sings because there ain't no other choice. The times when it's rough put the scars in his palms. He says it sinks you if you don't use your voice.

Time can't sit still but memory is worse. It just doesn't care how long it's been. Pictures as fresh as the gospel's first verse. I find myself wanting to sin.

I struggle to know why God stole his rib and fashioned him a woman such as Eve. If all we should need is found inside Him, at what stage does loneliness leave?

The fetters of flesh and the selfish concern. The barbershop stop in the slaughter. The fiery furnace and a lesson to learn. Like washing off soap with hard water.

It's a lot harder now. It’s a lot harder now. It's a lot
harder now. It’s a lot harder now.